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Elements of Coastal Home Design & Why It Remains Trending

Lee Makin
Published February 14, 2023

Coastal home designs are intrinsically linked to the Australian way of life. Even if you’re not on a beachfront property, the benefits of Australian coastal homes and their unique design elements can stand out as unique luxury designs that stand the test of time. 

At Makin Homes, our experienced team of Mandurah-based coastal home builders is well-rehearsed in constructing one-of-a-kind coastal homes that take cues from Perth’s stunning natural surroundings. 

In this blog, we discuss various design elements that encapsulate coastal design – on the inside, and the outside, and even give away a few tips on what features you may want to consider in a modern coastal home. 

Exterior coastal elements 

When it comes to aesthetics, the exterior look and style are perhaps the first major consideration, before you get into the details of the interior. This is the shell of your beach house – what people see when they pull up outside. Naturally, it’s important to get this right from the start. Here are some essential exterior design elements to consider:

Clean, contemporary lines

Simple, elegant, and modern are all keywords you’ll want to consider when thinking about the overall look and feel of your coastal home. Like the beach, simple and streamlined lines are a good starting point for homes wanting to reflect the beach vibe. 

Mimicking the coastline’s clean, horizontal lines is always a good idea. This can be put into practice in your facade or balcony where horizontal weatherboard or textured limestone can give your exterior that windswept look. Taking cues from local design is also a great way to ground your design. In our recent Cornwallis Road design and build, our clients wanted a nod to traditional Mandurah beach houses – so we included a contemporary sloped (skillion) roof as a feature reference. 

Prioritise outdoor living 

Relaxed outdoor living is another essential design element in modern beach house design. Leaving plenty of space out the front (or back) for activities, hosting events, or simply a family barbecue are all great ways to embrace coastal design elements outside your home. 

Another way to embrace this trend is by integrating inside spaces with the outside to create a seamless transition between the two. Plenty of glass and careful use of outdoor rooms and bi-fold doors further connect your living space with the outdoors and create a relaxed environment full of natural light. For example, in our recent design and build on Panamuna Drive, we opted for a large balcony with glass balustrading to make the most of stunning ocean views and integrate indoors with the outdoors for relaxed, easy living. 

Coastal Home Design

Play with water 

The essence of Australian coastal living is in the relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere we all know and love. Incorporating water as a feature in your home is an excellent way of embracing this timeless trend.

Whether it’s a swimming pool, an outdoor shower (like we did on our Panamuna Drive home), or a feature pond or fountain, the use of water further pulls on elements of coastal home designs to create stunning modern homes. Remember that incorporating a water feature does create additional costs along the way. When designing a coastal home, it’s crucial to take into account the characteristic saltiness, windiness, and potential extra maintenance associated with coastal living. More on these considerations will be discussed later.

Interior coastal elements 

Just as the exterior should reflect coastal design elements, the interior design of your home should amplify and carry forward the exterior imprint. Here are some interior coastal design ideas to get you inspired:

Open floor plan 

Your floor plan is your home’s blueprint. As such, it should reflect the kind of lifestyle you live. Coastal living benefits from open plan living spaces where the whole family can gather for meals and entertainment in a spacious and multipurpose zone. With more families spending time at home, having a dynamic and relaxed space that everyone can use is key.

Fewer walls mean more natural light can travel through your home – while also keeping your space fresh and breezy – making the most of those natural coastal elements. 

Relaxed and neutral tones 

Coastal living is synonymous with relaxation. The interior design of your home should reflect that. When it comes to choosing tones, simplicity always wins. Modern coastal homes work best in clean, neutral tones that complement the simplicity of the coast where blues, whites, and creams dominate. 

Natural materials and textures 

Textures are another design element that should echo through your interior and deliver a calm and neutral aesthetic. Building with natural materials like stone and timber can really bring out the natural textures reflected in Western Australia’s unique coastal environment. Wooden floors paired with white quartz stone bench tops and tile are a great way to incorporate those natural textures found up and down the coast.

Why are coastal blocks so sought after in WA?

With one of the most stunning and untouched coastlines in the world, WA’s warm, sunny, and Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal place to build. The coastline itself is peppered with world-class beaches and has plenty of space to build. Suburbs like Mandurah, Coogee, Port Kennedy, and Secret Harbour are all up-and-coming places where opting for two storey home designs, or even three storey home designs isn’t just affordable, but also extremely desirable. 

Coastal Home Design

Things to consider when building on Perth’s coastline 

Aesthetics aside, living in a coastal environment has its unique set of challenges. These should be taken into account when designing your home. Here are a few:

Wind and weather

With the natural elements closer than ever, you’re never too far away from persistent wind and weather. Taking the prevailing winds and local weather patterns into account should be a key consideration in your home design. Homes within 1km of the coast must also comply with regulations specifying the types of materials used to withstand the challenging coastal climate. 


Anyone who’s lived on the coast will tell you that salt will become a permanent member of the household from day one. Whether that’s in your garden, or coating almost every glass surface, be prepared to make your glass windows and balustrades cleanable. Salt is a natural corrosive, and can easily find its way into your home. When you build with Makin Homes we ensure the highest grade materials are used in your structure to mitigate against salt corrosion.  


Coastal living lends itself to an active lifestyle. With that comes equipment like surfboards, kayaks, or even small boats. Having suitable storage for your family’s equipment (now and in the future) is essential.

Build your dream coastal home with Makin Homes

Are you curious about house designs Mandurah, or eager to start your dream home build? Choosing a local builder with experience building coastal homes and one that will build a custom design with attention to detail is essential.

At Makin Homes, we prioritise your home from the get-go. You can expect fixed price guarantees, great flexibility, and clear, consistent communication with friendly builders who take full ownership of your project. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your coastal home designs – simply give us a call at 08 9535 6440. 



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