Does A Pool Add Value To Your Home? We Weigh In

Lee Makin
Published April 23, 2023

Installing a pool is many homeowners’ ultimate dream. And anyone living in WA will attest that being able to cool off during a heatwave isn’t just a luxury, but almost a necessity. 

But is it really worth it? 

Installing a pool is one thing, then ongoing maintenance and repairs can also eat up plenty of time and money. 

Whether you’re renovating, adding a pool while building a home, or simply curious about how much value a pool adds to a house, we’re here to help answer the question: does a pool add value to your home?

This blog walks you through the benefits of having a pool in terms of adding value to a home, as well as the challenges that come with maintaining one. 

Does A Pool Add Value To Your Home?


The benefits of adding a pool to a home

Let’s dive in (metaphorically) to the benefits a pool adds to your home. Starting with the most obvious:

A pool increases the luxury appeal of your home 

A well-designed swimming pool can increase the luxury factor in your home. 

From single-storey home designs, to double storey and beyond, a pool is a symbol of wealth and success, and can drastically change the overall look and feel of your home. They not only enhance the overall aesthetics of your property, but they also create a visually pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. 

Pools boost health and well-being 

There’s nothing quite like plunging into a pool on a hot 35-degree day. The added value of a pool, especially during the hotter months, is undisputed. 

Swimming is an excellent way to encourage physical activity and enhance overall health and wellness, making it an attractive feature for potential homebuyers to consider when evaluating their options.

Hosting becomes a part of life

Having a pool can completely change the way you host guests, and parties and will make your home the centre of attention when it comes to long summer afternoons.

Families with young children can benefit greatly from having a pool, as it can provide a source of entertainment for everyone. Even furry family members can join in on the fun and enjoy the pool just as much as their human friends. 

Pools increase the value of your home 

We often get asked if a pool increases property value in Perth. 

Pools are a natural value adder on most properties. Given their luxury appeal, and added health lifestyle benefits, the prospect of a pool may increase the asking price of a luxury home, especially when the pool landscaping is skillfully incorporated into the overall property design. In some suburbs where pools are quite common, not having a pool may reduce your home’s value. 

The reality is, the answer isn’t so straightforward and the jury is still out as to how much Perth homes (and homebuyers for that matter) really stand to gain from a swimming pool. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges involved.

Costs and challenges of installing a pool

Installing an in-ground pool has its drawbacks – not just because of the price tag. Here are some of the major costs and challenges worth considering when installing a pool. 


As far as household features go, swimming pools are definitely the neediest. 

It’s no secret that pools require ongoing maintenance and repair. But these costs can slowly add up over time and can make the prospect of installing a pool unattractive for many households. It’s not just the costs of materials, chemicals, and tools, it’s also the time needed to effectively maintain and care for your pool. 

Utility costs

Running a pool requires a lot of water, and in areas of the world where freshwater is in short supply, these costs can become another challenge for would-be pool owners. 

If you plan to install a heated pool for the cooler months, this can further increase energy costs – adding to a year-round increase in energy bills. When advertising your property to potential buyers, an energy-hungry pool may not be the best selling point. 

Upfront costs 

The costs involved in adding a pool can be large and often present significant barriers to anyone looking to upgrade their luxury home. The challenges are the same for anyone wanting to know whether a property with a pool will be a good investment, or if adding a pool will pay off down the track.

While the upfront cost to build a pool can often outweigh the expected increase in the home’s value in the short term, many homeowners find that the addition of a pool can increase their home’s value significantly.

Buyer preferences

Pools aren’t for everyone, and while you may enjoy a quick dip on a summer’s day, others may be perfectly fine to forgo the added luxury and use the space differently. This can be a challenge when searching for prospective buyers, and there is no hard and fast way to predict what buyers will prefer at any given time. 

Benefits of Open Plan Living Ideas

Location is everything 

The importance of considering factors such as the climate, local regulations, and the layout of the property before adding a pool cannot be overstated. If you’re planning on installing a pool in an area close to the coast with minimal protection from wind and weather, you will need to factor in higher maintenance costs from the start. 

Local regulations also play a role in determining the potential size and layout of a backyard pool. For home renovations, obtaining a permit to build a pool can often present a challenge. When you build with Makin Homes, you benefit from our wealth of experience in navigating these challenges. 

Luxury pool design matters

Designing a pool is just as important as designing a home – and the two should be seen as a single task. A swimming pool should complement your back (or front) yard, and elevate your design choices to create an exquisite design synthesis. 

Here at Makin Homes, our expertise in pool design makes us the ideal partner to not only build or renovate your luxury home – but also to design and install a luxury pool that complements your design. 

So, does a pool add value to your home?

The short answer: it depends. 

Installing a swimming pool brings with it multiple benefits for homeowners, and anyone looking to sell may indeed make a bigger profit if a pool is added to the mix. Despite the costs involved, pools are, and will continue to be a luxury addition to any home and may increase the value significantly. 

Build your dream pool with Makin Homes 

Many homeowners wonder: does a pool increase property value? The answer is that a well-designed and properly maintained pool can indeed enhance a property’s value.

Makin Homes is dedicated to providing tailor-made, high-end homes with exquisite pools throughout Perth’s southern suburbs. Our Mandurah custom home design specialists collaborate with our clients to transform their design visions into breathtaking and unique homes that add significant value to their properties. 

Build with Makin Homes to realise your dream outdoor swimming pool alongside your luxury home.


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