Building Energy Efficient Homes in Perth: Designing for Both Sustainability and Luxury

Lee Makin
Published September 14, 2023

Many of us living in Perth are feeling the impact of the rising cost of living and soaring energy costs. As our energy bills continue to rise, so too do our concerns about the environmental repercussions, particularly the adverse effects of climate change and our dependence on conventional energy sources.

This collective concern has pushed individuals to reconsider their lifestyles and choices, especially concerning their homes – one of the most significant contributors to individual energy consumption. Many have started to realise that it’s not just about adjusting thermostats or turning off lights; it’s about foundational changes in the way homes are designed and built.

For new home builders in Mandurah, there has been a huge shift in recent years towards building energy efficient homes, to address the rising energy costs and simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint.

Building for the future and maximising energy efficiency is a key consideration here at Makin Homes. Our process involves blending cutting edge energy efficient design with uncompromising luxury, ensuring that homeowners enjoy both sustainability and ultimate comfort and luxury in their living spaces.

What are energy efficient homes?

An energy efficient home is a home designed to use less energy for heating, cooling, and other day-to-day functions. It achieves this by harnessing passive environmental factors, utilising energy efficient building materials, and incorporating advanced technologies. By combining these elements together, the result is significant reductions in energy bills, a minimal carbon footprint, and enhanced living comfort.

Energy efficient home designs

At Makin Homes, energy efficiency is key to our custom home design process. The perfect energy efficient home begins with orientation. By positioning homes to make the most of Perth’s sun, passive solar design principles are employed, ensuring natural light warms the home during winter while blocking out the intense summer sun.

This is complemented by efficient space planning that takes into account natural airflow, reducing the need for artificial cooling.

Insulation is another critical element we consider. A well-insulated home acts like a thermos, retaining heat during colder months and keeping it out during the warmer ones. Not only does this ensure consistent indoor temperatures, but it also results in considerable energy savings.

Energy efficient home designs

Project: Panamuna Drive

Choosing environmentally-friendly building materials

Choosing energy-efficient building materials is pivotal in constructing homes that stand the test of time, all whilst minimising energy consumption. At Makin Homes, we often choose to incorporate building materials that have superior thermal properties, ensuring minimal energy is required to maintain desired temperatures.

For instance, materials like aerated concrete blocks or insulated wall panels provide both structural strength and exceptional insulation. Combined with double or triple-glazed windows, these materials become the building blocks of truly energy-efficient homes in Perth.

These are some additional environmentally friendly building materials to consider:

Recycled Steel: Instead of wooden beams, recycled steel can be used for the structural framework, reducing the environmental impact and offering longer durability.

Rammed Earth: Composed of a mix of gravel, soil, and cement, this material is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers fire resistance, exceptional insulation, and sound absorption properties. It’s also durable, lasting for many generations, and doesn’t become a habitat for pests. However, it might not be ideal for wet climates or coastal areas.

Recycled Timber: Recycled timber conserves forests and reduces the environmental impact associated with new timber production, while also storing carbon and decreasing waste destined for landfills. Its use promotes sustainable construction, ensuring resource conservation and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Natural Stone: Limestone and similar stones possess fire resistance, sound absorption, and robust strength, making them ideal for homes across Western Australia, and often enduring beyond a lifetime. However, since stone isn’t renewable and might not be locally sourced in all areas, transporting it can diminish its environmental advantages.

Choosing environmentally-friendly building materials

Project: Seawind Drive

Eco-friendly home features

Alongside the building materials themselves which make up the home’s structure, there are numerous home additions and functional choices to consider to make your new luxury home more sustainable. These include:

  • Solar Panels: Harness solar energy to power the home and possibly return excess power to the grid. Solar energy can also be used for solar hot water systems, where heat is transferred to the water stored in a tank. They can significantly reduce electricity or gas consumption for water heating.
  • Energy-efficient Appliances: Use appliances that have a high energy rating, consuming less electricity.
  • Water-saving Fixtures: Install low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads to reduce water consumption.
  • LED Lighting: Use LED lights that consume less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Drought-resistant Landscaping: Opt for local and drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need for frequent watering.

Eco-friendly home features

Embracing advanced smart technologies

Today, an energy-efficient home also means a smart home. Makin Homes integrates innovative technologies such as energy management systems, enabling homeowners to monitor and control energy consumption seamlessly, often from the touch of a button.

Whether it’s automated blinds, smart thermostats, or energy-efficient appliances, the harmony of technology and design is evident in every Makin Homes build.


The financial benefits

While the initial investment might be more, the long-term financial benefits of energy-efficient homes are undeniable. Apart from drastic reductions in monthly energy bills, homeowners in Perth can also take advantage of various government rebates and grants designed to incentivise sustainable living.

More than just savings

Beyond the financial benefit of lower running costs, there’s a profound lifestyle enhancement that comes with living in an energy-efficient home. Indoor air quality improves dramatically thanks to reduced reliance on artificial heating or cooling systems, leading to healthier living spaces. The superior insulation and design techniques also contribute to significant noise reduction, offering a more peaceful living environment.

In addition, consistent indoor temperatures mean occupants enjoy superior thermal comfort year-round, further elevating the overall well-being of residents.

More than just savings

Project: Cornwallis Road

Building for the future with Makin Homes

Makin Homes understands that luxury and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive. Through innovative designs, choice materials, and embracing the latest technologies and renewable energy systems, we design and build homes that embody both.

For Perth’s discerning luxury home builders and those looking for full home renovations, choosing energy efficiency isn’t just about reducing costs or environmental impact – it’s about enhancing lifestyle, comfort, and the very essence of what ‘home’ means.

If you’re looking to embrace the future of luxury living, Makin Homes is ready to guide your journey. Get in touch with us to schedule your personalised consultation today.


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