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Ultimate Guide to the Best Suburbs South of the River Perth for Building Your Dream Luxury Home

Lee Makin
Published June 23, 2023

Are you looking to build south of the river? 

Perth’s southern suburbs are practically teeming with new opportunities to build a custom luxury home. Just like the rest of the city, you can expect to find enormous opportunities almost everywhere you look.

In this guide, we reveal the best suburbs south of the river Perth, plus how to get the most out of working with a local builder like Makin Homes. 

Let’s head south to find out which suburbs are the most attractive for building your new dream luxury home. 

Why South Of The River?

Whether you’re searching for something coastal, or in close proximity to nature, Perth’s southern suburbs have something for everyone with land development opportunities coming thick and fast. For families, multiple good schools and day-care facilities are available, with excellent facilities and of course – easy access to lakes, parks and stunning seaside.

At Makin Homes we not only make it our business to deliver outstanding luxury homes to our clients, but we also know Perth’s southern suburbs like the back of our hand. 


Baldivis has been getting a lot of attention from buyers and builders alike. And it’s easy to see why. Situated 11 kilometres southeast of Rockingham centre, and only a short drive from the white sands at Safety Bay, Baldivis is renowned for its growing community and natural attractions. The suburb is also conveniently located near the freeway, making it easy to commute to the Perth CBD. 

It’s one of the best suburbs to build in Perth south of the Swan River because of its large blocks of land and spacious surroundings. Baldivis is mostly made up of families and young professionals and has a host of quality schools for children of all ages. 

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Secret Harbour

Located directly on the coast, Secret Harbour is a stunning suburb for anyone wanting to realise their dream of luxury coastal living. With breathtaking ocean views and a large variety of nature reserves and parks scattered throughout the area (to get a feeling, you should really take a walk along Secret Harbour foreshore), the suburb really lives up to its namesake of being a secret harbour paradise south of the river Perth.

For those chasing a more relaxed lifestyle, while still being within arm’s reach of the busier hubs of Rockingham or Mandurah, the suburb offers the perfect balance of nature and community. With a mix of modern and traditional-style homes, the area is popular among families and retirees. Secret Harbour also boasts great schools and plenty of amenities, including a golf course and shopping centre.

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Golden Bay

Located just south of Secret Harbour, Golden Bay is another example of how luxury coastal living is not just attainable, but also entirely worth the investment. With stunning turquoise waters and great fishing spots along the coast, this suburb is quickly becoming its own hub with local cafes and eateries popping up. Living in Golden Bay means being within walking distance of multiple parks, sports facilities, and two local schools easily accessible from anywhere in the suburb. Ample blocks of land are available in and around the Golden Bay area, making it a teaser for luxury coastal living.


Byford is a growing suburb located about 35 kilometres southeast of Perth. With large blocks of land up for grabs, this area is perfectly situated on the outskirts of the Perth metro area with nature basically on the doorstep.

With eleven local schools (from pre-primary and above), the area is enticing younger families who want to settle down in a stunning area with quick access to the hills and plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities like hiking. It’s perfect for building custom luxury homes as it offers large blocks of land and a relaxed lifestyle. In 2022, our team finished a stunning single-story project on Sandalwood Avenue, showcasing how the large open areas which are typical of this suburb could be integrated into a stunning design that reflected the client’s needs. 

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If you’re searching for a laid-back lifestyle with all the benefits of coastal living, Falcon represents a unique location with back-to-back waterfronts (coastal and inland). 

Falcon boasts a range of charming small-scale coffee shops and local eateries, complemented by a handful of cosy local pubs, making it a top destination for dining and entertainment. A local primary school and a family centre located in the heart of the suburb create a close-knit and welcoming community.

With breathtaking views on both sides, Falcon is an ideal place to settle down in a luxury custom home. Get a feel for the area by checking out our Panamuna Drive project that was completed in 2018 – this three-story home shows how Falcon is the ideal spot to take advantage of ocean views and the best of Western Australia’s coastal living. 

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Another coastal gem, Singleton is conveniently located south of Golden Bay and within easy reach of Mandurah Road or the Kwinana Freeway.

It’s perfect for building custom luxury homes as it offers stunning ocean views and a relaxed lifestyle. Singleton is popular among families and is blessed with a perfect coastline offering world-class sunsets and plenty of activities like kitesurfing and fishing. The singleton community centre located on Laurie Stanford Reserve has something for everyone with a vibrant mix of amenities from yoga to daycare, cricket, basketball, and even a skatepark.

Halls Head

Halls Head is a coastal suburb featuring multiple canal estates and is located a short ten-minute drive from Mandurah city centre. Given its geography, the suburb is technically on an island and benefits from stunning canals that give the northernmost parts a romantic and luxurious atmosphere. With plenty of public transport options available and easy access to the train station in central Mandurah, getting to Perth City is simple and well-suited to young professionals who need to travel for work.


Finista Ramble

Our Finista Ramble project in Halls Head demonstrates these canal blocks create a truly distinct and luxurious feel with stunning views and an infinity pool. Our team wanted to reflect the luxury appeal of this neighbourhood by accentuating the details in the ceilings in the living and dining areas. 


Finista Ramble


Choose Makin Homes for your luxury home build 

The best suburbs south of the river Perth are ready for the taking – it’s only a matter of choosing the right builder to make our dream home a reality. Whether you’re investigating new land offers with the aim to build new, do a complete home renovation, or are simply curious about our approach, our team at Makin Homes is ready to get your project off the ground. 

From our initial conversation to the final handover, our 8-step custom home-building process is designed to maximise communication and achieve complete client satisfaction by delivering exactly what we promised.

Schedule a consultation with our custom home builder team to discuss your luxury home building needs today. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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